A list of skills you need on the Homestead

A list of skills you need on the Homestead

You’re surely not going to sit around all day on the Homestead. Maybe once in the winter when you’re snowed in sitting by the fire and once again in the summer having a cup of moonshine on your porch. But that’s it. No other time you’ll be sitting around doing nothing. There’s work to be done and skills to improve. That’s Homesteading.

But just what kinds of things will you be doing? That depends on your Homestead, your location, your climate, and most importantly, your own skills and needs. In other words, you’ll figure it out.

There are some skills that you may not have even heard about, that if you learned and practiced, would make your life on the Homestead a whole lot easier.

List of skills needed on the Homestead…

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  1. Chad Walton said:

    So I have 27 acres in Idaho. Been throwing an idea around for awhile and I’m curious if anyone would be interested. I want to pick five people, give them each an acre for one year. People say you can live off the land, I want to give five people the chance to prove it. I will provide a tiny home for them to stay, and provide water. Otherwise they would be completely on their own. It’s easy to talk and say this will work and this won’t. I’m willing to offer five acres up to five people and see what they can do. Maybe this will work, or won’t. Think it is worth a shot.

  2. Chad Walton said:

    Lol I like it. Haven’t heard that one in awhile. Probably 13 years ago in a jail cell. I have a troubled past I have fought to be were I am. I dnt care your color race or were you where both born. Some people just need a chance. You make who you are I just want to help people