About Us

In these difficult days and the days ahead it is prudent to live simply.

We are about you creating a lifestyle of self-sufficiency, sustenance, and survival.

Food: We will help you learn how to utilize agriculture, livestock and game. Whether you raise your own food, participate in a group food share, or purchase your food from others, your ability to gather good food, prepare it, store it will become important.

Energy: We need to explore natural energy sources and not become dependent upon energy regulation. There are many sources of free energy that we can all tap into. We will relay our energy findings to you so your goal can be to have your own energy and power sources.

Economy: Most everything comes down to money survival and homesteading is not immune. You will need some goods and services and you may need to pay for them unless you barter. In the next days, the economy of money will be different than it is now. If you begin living simply and self-sustaining life now you will not be as dependent on money. As well, there are ways that we could explore making money. We will bring the subject of money and economy into the discussion.

Miscellaneous: We also provide information on home remedies, shelter, and protection.

“Creating the realization of a high natural standard of living.”