Amish man faces 68 years prison for his natural product

This man was making home remedies for his family and other members of the community to avoid the dangerous side effects of commercial pharmaceuticals. The problems began when someone reported his products to the state.

The man in question is a fifty-six-year-old Kentucky farmer, father of twelve, and grandfather of 25. His name is Samuel Girod. He is not who you would expect to be a hardened criminal. But now he’s facing 68 years (a life sentence) in federal prison for charges related to his herbal products, including a chickweed salve he has been making in his kitchen for the past 20 years.

Amish man faces 68 years prison for his natural product…

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  1. Dulane Ponder said:

    There is now a huge and ever-expanding corporate involvement in the so-called supplement and natural remedy market. Don’t see much difference between them and big pharma. Both have convinced people that we need increasing amounts of “medicine” just to get through an average day.

  2. Allen Bassel said:

    The ABC agencies were invented to circumvent the Constitution for example the Constitution does not allow the federal government to own real property. Now explain how the BLM owns a quarter of the real estate in this country

  3. Reginia Carty said:

    It’s part of the healthy food bill Obama got pushed through years ago.
    They have been going after, Amish, natural and organic food makers etc.

    It part of controlling everything.

  4. Tammy Ruthruff Robb said:

    This is not right. The government wants that money from buying perception drugs. Leave him alone. They have been doing this for years. No one has died from it what’s the wrong in it