Beekeeping for the beginner

If you’re thinking about beekeeping, there are some basics to understand. There is a lot of help out there that you can find just about anything to keep bees.

The following is an excerpt from TheWarrestor where you can learn more about beekeeping.

Beekeeping for beginners

The first thing you have to do is decide which basic method of beekeeping you want to practice. There are several different hive designs available to you and each style has it’s own basic management techniques. There is certainly no shortage of opinions out there about which are best. After studying different styles and techniques, choose what makes the most sense to you and then proceed.

If you decide to practice natural beekeeping with something other than a Langstroth hive, don’t let anyone tell you that your decision to use something unconventional is a mistake or that it won’t work. Those sorts of statements stem only from ignorance and should be disregarded.

Now, although we want you to read, read, read…don’t try to absorb too much at once, which is something that happens quite frequently. If you’re looking to get started in beekeeping, all you really have to know right now is the following:

  • What type of hive(s) and feeder(s) you’ll be using and who you’ll be purchasing your bees from. Be sure to have your bees ordered a few months early.
  • How to get your hive(s) and feeder(s) prepped and set up in a good location.
  • How to install the bees into the hive(s) and keep the feeder(s) filled.
  • How to remove the queen cage(s) from the hive(s) after 3-4 days.

This is all you really have to have knowledge of in order to get started in beekeeping. The more you learn the better, of course, but the point is that if you have these four things figured out and are confident that you can handle what needs to be done to the point of removing the queen cages, then you are ready to get started. You will have plenty of time to do more studying after your bee colonies are established. Worrying about varroa mites and other pests, summer heat, harvesting honey, overwintering your bees, etc., before your hives are even set up, is pointless and counterproductive.

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