Beekeeping for the beginner

Beekeeping doesn’t have to be complicated. For some, keeping bees is easier than keeping tropical fish! Are there challenges? Sure there are, but education and guidance will help you overcome those.

Bees were never meant to be micro-managed by humans, heavily medicated or bombarded with toxic chemicals! There are better ways.

Unfortunately, many people new to beekeeping (or anything else) don’t like to read, so they try to do it on their own. Studying the basics after it’s painfully obvious that something has gone wrong is not the way to go about keeping healthy hives, yet time and time again this is what people do.

Don’t be like that beekeeper…

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  1. Rochelle Leaman said:

    I already looked into bees and I am hesitating due to the large scale agricultural farms surrounding my farm, I read the pesticides they use will kill my bees. I want to, it would be so cool…honey, comb, beeswax, the benefits are endless. Okay, thanks John, you got me excited about it again, I might need to go out and buy another book, hehe