Build A Cabin In A Week For Under $5000


Do you need a little cabin you can build in the woods? Without going into debt? Do you have limited building skills but would still like to build a cabin yourself? Here’s a way to build a cabin inexpensively and have a step-by-step outline of how to build it. This idea is an Arched Cabin kit. They are sturdy, economical, and attractive shelters. One could serve as a shop, a storage unit, or even a cabin in the woods.

Come on — put your work clothes on and head out to your Homestead to the place where you’re going to put your cabin…

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  1. Daryl Wedel said:

    There is no possible way to build for 5000 unless you have material givin to you cost me 8000 for a 16×24 and that’s with 10 percent discount on materials and cheap almost free insulation