Could you survive the winter with these chores…

The chores around the Homestead are more difficult in the wintertime. First of all, there’s snow, and secondly, it’s colder. But the chores still have to get done.

Did you think about winter when you thought about Homesteading and all that has to happen during this time of year?┬áThere’s still work to be done and in the wintertime, if you don’t keep up the chores stack up.

Here’s how you deal with the Homestead chores in the wintertime.

From our friends at Purelivingforlife and how they get their winter chores done…

“If you don’t live off grid, do you think you could handle it? If you already live off grid, how do your chores differ? And does anyone know how to bail someone out of icicle prison?”

Could you survive the winter with these chores…

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  1. German E Moyano said:

    I could have used about 15 or less words like like you know like really like I’m a valley girl like I’m living in the woods like really like oh my God but I give her credit like she’s living in the woods…lol

  2. Leaha Mccabe said:

    Bought my place 1 1/2 months ago and am rockin it like a champ. pipes frozen , so melting snow, no snowmobile as it was stolen before I got here. Cabin was sabotaged also before I got here yet it didnt deter me. Oh and by the way I am disabled and still im rockin it.

  3. Nick Amell said:

    I’d agree with that. Had to get out the old ladder to clean mine off. I’m in my first winter after panels went live in late August. Learning curve!. No education is for free.