Glass roof tiles capture solar energy

These tiles capture solar energy that feeds into a home electrical system. In other words, your roof provides all the energy for your home. The tiles are made from glass instead of concrete or brick. The tiles are high quality and provide for a durable roof and also allows as much light as possible.

Solar cells are built in underneath the tiles and are protected against wind and weather. The tiles are fully integrated in the house electrical system.

Glass roof tiles capture solar energy…

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  1. Ben Volk said:

    No thank you. First, your idea would add about $30,000 to the build cost of each house, putting home ownership out of the reach of many people. Second, these are ugly. If you want solar shingles they make them already and the standard ones are much more attractive than these are.

  2. Sean Schafbuch said:

    Tesla makes solar roofs already. And by my understanding they are competitively priced with regular roof styles so if you’re installing yourself it’s just cost of material so quite inexpensive

  3. Jo Maloof VanCurler said:

    Ben Volk yes any solar style you’d like and if they were used more they would be cheaper! Less oil dependence and self sufficiency should be everyone’s goal!