Government to kill bison to reduce herd


The National Park Service has been trapping bison in the Yellowstone National Park and are shipped to slaughter facilities for processing with the meat distributed to designated tribes. This in an effort to reduce the size of the herds.

Wasn’t this done a few hundred years ago and they almost went instinct? Why not repopulate the bison in other parts of the country?

The bison are a historical symbol of the United States. They were linked with the economic and spiritual lives of many Native American tribes through trade and sacred ceremonies.

Government to kill bison to reduce herd…

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  1. Tim Sozio said:

    sigh – just where are you going to do that? some place without the grazing and water they need so they starve? how about where there are super predators where they will be horrifically slaughtered killing the herd anyway? how about where they will destroy the ecosystem? and the money to do that – what program – what maintenance – what restoration are you going to cancel to pay for it? y’all need to think these things out a bit –