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There are growing numbers of people who are awakening to mainstream problems and they are doing something about it, even considered radical — living a simpler life. 

Even Homesteading!

But you don’t even need to be on your Homestead to start living this way. Start learning how to get the mindset to live this way now, without the stress of the modern world — the job, the commute, the spending, the debt, the consumption…


You need to have a source of information. I have just the thing…

The Homestead Outpost Newsletter — a monthly subscription full of articles originally posted on Homestead Notes.

Each issue offers information about simple, practical living — whether you’re on the Homestead or not.

We’re not going to leave the modern world but we’re going to choose the things that will help us live a life with more freedom — more than you have now.

We’re going to look at how to use technology and alternative energy sources to improve your living. We’re going to talk about economics — how to get out of debt, save money and make better financial decisions related to the Homestead. Of course we’re going to cover agriculture and permaculture. And we’re going to look at tools, gear and even basic survival skills.

We’re putting this all in a monthly newsletter that is called The Homestead Outpost Newsletter. 

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