How he starting out prepping in the suburbs

If you live in the suburbs and are thinking about prepping there are some first important steps you can take. Make your life easier, learn from someone who’s already starting with suburban prepping.

Years ago, people lived in the country. There were few suburbs. Prepping was a way of life. People lived off the land and learned how to prep and save and live on what they had.

Today people live day-to-day without much thought for tomorrow, let alone prepping.

Here is a glimpse of what a guy did to start the prepping process while still living in the suburbs.

How he starting out prepping in the suburbs…

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  1. Kahl Ravensfeather said:

    Yeah talk about a piss poor pic to use, come on guys, this is the kind of pic the antis use to make us look like crazy a**holes. I’m not even reading the article thanks to the pic.

  2. Cynthia Martin said:

    I dont know if thats the picture I would use to encourage people to be prepared for disasters. He seems a little like one who would make the news for shooting up a place.

  3. Chris Fultz said:

    Looks like a thug not a homesteader… It’s tools like that who give homesteading a bad image… I guess he will be on the next “survival prepping show for the tin foil hat brigade”

  4. Bruce Fielding said:

    I’d click through except I’m looking at an image of an idiot with their fingers on not one but TWO triggers rather than alongside the guard. I don’t think they’d have much to teach me.