How to survive a protest


Coming to a town near you: a civil protest. I am a fan of free speech; I do it every day. But not the kind of speech and shenanigans that display violence, destruction, looting or any of the other kinds of “free speech” that the hooligans are demonstrating today. It’s downright despicable.

So what do you do when the circus of protesters comes to a town near you? Do you run for the hills? Do you stay and fight or do you join in the mayhem because they need some help knocking off another police officer or writing graffiti?

There are some very good practical ways to survive a crowd of protesters.

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  1. Eric Pledger said:

    Well here in NC I guess we just keep calm carry on with guns drawn, seems to clear a path effectively…. But really while at Teumpa inauguration we poped out of the Metro just as some left wing angries marched past, the air was electric, we ducked back into the metro pretty quick, apparently that group got out of hand just a bit later. Not an experience Im interested in repeating… With or without my 9