Making a tuna can stove

This is a very practical project; a tuna can stove. It’s very simple to make and use and you can carry it with you wherever you trek. Since the stove is small, you won’t have to use┬ámuch fuel. And, it burns hot the way this one is designed.

You don’t have to use a tuna can; any small tin will work well. There are several methods to make a tin can stove and the one I like best is to use cardboard a wax.

Making a tuna can stove…

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  1. Michael Hart said:

    I have several alcohol stoves made from cat food tins. I keep one in each camping bag. Of all the stoves I’ve tried over the years, these simple stoves are the best!

  2. Sunny Dawn Lawalin said:

    Stuff we learned in Girl Scouts waaaaay back in the day… Good old Buddy burners *the tuna can* with melted wax/crayons. We could turn a *#10 can into a Vagabond stove. We also learned to turn a cardboard box into a reflective oven to bake biscuits and cakes and cornbread. Never go hungry with a resourceful GS in your midst!