Mother arrested for Homeschooling her children and her kids seized by CPS

Mother arrested for Homeschooling her children and her kids seized by CPS

This single mother realized that her kids were not progressing in public school so she decided to Homeschool them. But in an effort to protect her kids the Child Protection Agency had her arrested and her children taken from her.

Could it be possible that the government doesn’t want your kids to be Homeschooled? For any parent the freedom to Homeschool their own kids is their right. Does the Department of Education have the right to make claim against Homeschooling?

Here’s what happened to the mother arrested for Homeschooling her children and her kids seized by Child Protection Agency…

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  1. Catherine Edick said:

    News from the area says that the children had extreme absenteeism before the request for homeschooling was put in and the mother has multiple domestic violence and violence with weapon incidents. Not sure if this is all just because of homeschooling

  2. Isabelle Sielawa-Colon said:

    Once all of this gets cleared; I would absolutely SUE the City of Buffalo, Buffalo CPS and the School District from where the children were dis-enrolled!!!! Someone didn’t do their job and it is UNFAIR not to mention beyond CRUEL to this to a family that only wanted the best for her children!!!!

  3. Walter Singleton said:

    Homeschooling is often a cover for child abuse. Better fact check carefully, because backing someone that does this is going to make everyone look bad.

  4. Melmendi Jones said:

    NY/NJ have very strict homeschooling rules. You have to follow procedures before removing your child. If she did hopefully this can be resolved soon.

  5. Walter Singleton said:

    Meg, could you run over to Fort Oglethorpe and check to make sure my sons aren’t dead at the hands of their abusive mother? I figure you wouldn’t mind, since you seem like such a nice person.

  6. Lauri Eide said:

    Instead of making a blanket statement “Homeschooling is often a cover for child abuse.”, it may at times be, but not as a rule of thumb. I home-schooled my 2 sons for the first several years, I’m not an abusive parent, they both did very well being taught at home. When they entered into public school they were both advanced a grade. I knew other parents who also home-schooled their children…also not abusive parents.