Oregon man forced to destroy pond because water belongs to county

In Oregon, Jackson County officials tell a local couple they must tear out a 40-year-old two-acre pond located on the property they bought two years ago. This is the same county, that fined and imprisoned another landowner, Gary Harrington, for illegally collecting rainwater.

In this new case, the county says the water contained in the pond belongs to the Medford Water Commission, according to a 1925 state law.

According to the law, rainwater is not the right of a landowner.

Oregon man forced to destroy pond because water belongs to county…

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  1. Wendy Poginy said:

    this is so rediculous! found the perfect area where no one else wants to go you wont hardly know Im there cant wait .Hunting camp here I come!

  2. Eric Hoffmann said:

    Sounds like the county needs to pay him for the amount of years that he had to store the water for them. Then rent some pumper trucks and drop the water off at the county administration offices .

  3. Eric Hoffmann said:

    Also , the proper was surveyed how many times in the past 40 years for taxes and would like to think between the last sale and it is the first time the county noticed the pond .