Preppers make this biggest mistake

Well, there are many mistakes many preppers make. Any of them can stop you in your prepping tracks. The best thing to do is take stock in what you already have preppared. And the best way to do that is to put things on a list. A list of items that you can check off.

A checklist will keep you on track and keep you from making the most common mistakes.

What is the one biggest mistake that preppers make? Does it have to do with food, or water, or shelter?

Preppers make this biggest mistake…

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  1. Tim Ballard said:

    Knowledge really is power in these situations. You can go a lot further with a ton of know how and practice with minimal supply, than you can with a fully supplied bunker and no idea how to apply a tourniquet, clean and maintain equipment, build water collection sources, gather food, store food, ECT… Also, folks really should practice at least once every couple of months a variety of skills they’ve learned. Knowledge is perishable, and practice keeps it right and fresh… Not to mention you don’t realise some of the kinks or flaws that need to be worked out with your skills unless you’ve actually put it to work. I tried learning to make fire using a hand drill (using sticks) and it actually took me a good week to get it to work right. Sucker was hard, and in real life, I could be dead, or very cold and hungry.

  2. Matthew Hunter said:

    Biggest mistake I”ve observed is too much prepping. Maybe pack a bag for this, that, and two more back ups for “what if” as a primitive camper well tell you pack light, use what you find, and leave no signs you were there. Many people don’t think what an I going to do with all this trash from MREs? Think primitive, pack light, think KISS. That way if you need to ball out you can do so with looking like your going on vacation.