Rancher’s response to government request to survey his property


We’re from the government and we’re here to help.

When the government comes calling, in this case, asking permission to survey an Oregon rancher’s land, how do you respond?

The Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife asked permission to survey a rancher’s land. They wanted to track a nearly endangered species — the foothill yellow-legged frog — “to help the conservation of this important species.”

Besides paying state taxes, federal taxes, property taxes, citizens pay license fees, parking fees, draw tag fees, raffle fees…fees, fees, and more fees, just what do you think would be a good response?

Rancher’s response to government request to survey his property…

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  1. Butch Becker said:

    Unless you have alloidial title to property then you dont own$#%&!@* A fee simple deed to land is more or less a rental agreement between you and the government.