Sheriff kicks family off their own property for oil

When Big Oil talks, some people are kicked off their own property. A battle over land rights and Big Oil is winning. Without much defense, the family is in a fight over oil resources found on their property. The county sheriff served the family a restraining order to not bother the oil company working on their property.

Now their land is ruined and their drinking water is ruined. Even though the family owns the property rights, the oil company owns the mineral rights. Figure that one out.

Sheriff kicks family off their own property for oil…

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  1. Gregory Williams said:

    This is unfortunate, but one needs to research land use plats on file as you may not own mineral, water, or oil rights on land you buy. I’ve researched this for 13+ years now, and refrained from buying in my 20’s …. buy land you can buy all the rights, in WA, you can’t own water rights…so in 10yrs when I’m ready to buy, I’ll be looking for a spot with all the rights, or in a country I can get all the rights

  2. Gregory Williams said:

    Tracy Paine, not owning water and mineral rights…this could happen to your property, and with shale oil…the mts around you guys are prime…might be a good idea to develop to sell

  3. Chris Parlow said:

    Like to see this$#%&!@*wipe try that to me ! And to Mister J Grimes he is the sheriff that’s why you work for the people not the Corporations . He can THOW the F.B.I. Out of the county they have power.

  4. Melody Harpole said:

    Except they didn’t own the land. They only owned the top of the land. The company that they were fighting against owned all the mineral rights. They were trying to keep a company from accessing their own land.

  5. Wild Bill Robins said:

    Some years ago, a deputy served me with a similar warrent, what he saw and herd were two different scenes, so he left….in court, the judge asked him why he didn’t “enforce” the warrant? His reply was, I was there to “serve” the warrant, the judge paused for a moment, moved that I was “not” in contempt of a court order….the deputy went on to become our sheriff. …there are other ways to handle things….ignorance of the law cannot be used as a defence, therefor, it should not be used as a prosicution either….

  6. J Taylor Grimes said:

    Wild Bill Robins exactly true. There is a measure of discretion for LE…but not always. We only have part of the story in this particular instance. That’s one of the reasons I try to with hold judgement until both sides are seen. It could have been very well that the family just did not want to cooperate in any way shape or form and left the mineral rights hold with no other recourse. Then again they could have been totally uncooperative with the server. Leaving him with no recourse. Then with the courts the same way…leaving them with no recourse. Some people tend to bring their own troubles on themselves. I’ve seen that many, many times. Something simple and easily solved goes sideways because someone forces it to go that way.

  7. Anderson Nettleship said:

    People sell the mineral rights on property that they own all of the time, it’s usually a lease that has a specified time limit 1-99 Years and also specifies if royalties are paid to the landowner per amount (ton, barrel, or other applicable measurement). It will also specify exactly what can be done on the land and restoration of that land after the operation is completed.
    When a property is sold with a mineral lease the existing lease binding and the perspective landowner needs to be aware before purchasing the land.

  8. Tim Winters said:

    Lotta bullshit and misinformation in this article.. 2000ft deep coal mine in Alabama? Plus this is why you understand title and deed issues before you buy property.

  9. Keanith Main said:

    If access or damage occurs to property the surface rights or right of way must be purchased or leased from property owner. In my township no extraction of any subsurface rights can be done without written consent of property owner.

  10. Marie Cieluch said:

    What are you all talking about. Look what’s happening at standing rock nd pipelines the government needs to stop