She’s lived off grid alone for over 30 years

Have you met someone who’s lived off grid for more than 30 years? Jill has lived this way and thrives. Other people come to visit to learn from her. Now here’s your chance to meet her.

Here is an excerpt from NaturalHomes where you can read more in detail.


  She’s lived off grid alone for over 30 years

This wonderful woman is Jill Redwood. Jill built her house in East Gippsland, Australia where she has lived alone for over 30 years entirely off-grid with no mains power, water, mobile reception or television.

Living on around $80 a week, Jill has over sixty animals to keep her company and an abundant garden that serves as an organic supermarket right outside her doorstep.

Generating all her own solar power and collecting water from the local creek (see video right), Jill lives a totally self-sufficient life.

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  1. Rayeann Ray Helms said:

    Heck, my grandma didn’t have running water in her house, she had 4 rooms and a path. I loved it there and if ever given the chance, I will build a small house just like hers.

  2. Elizabeth Wilson said:

    My mother lived off the grid for 20 years then she got lung cancer and didn’t want hospice, she wanted to die in her home so I made it happen for her. It wasn’t easy taking care of someone dying from cancer with no running water or electricity. She feed her animals until 2 weeks before she passed because it was what she loved.

  3. Steve Lent said:

    Rayeann sorry to say but yes there are certain restrictions in most states as to what kind of food you can grow and how much. i used to live in south florida and they say you can’t collect rain water or grow certain foods because then you are taking away from the farmers who count on certain food for their lively hood .

  4. Steve Lent said:

    it’s pretty sad one still has the thumb of government holding you down so one can’t become self reliant , and when one does they have to do it underhanded so as not to be caught.

  5. Paula Simmons said:

    Like this story. It’s about being self sufficient. Not about if you have power to have facebook. I’m like if you create it use it how you see fit to keep in contact with loved ones . 🙂 have fun go dig in the dirt.