She’s lived off grid alone for over 30 years

She’s lived off grid alone for over 30 years

Have you met someone who’s lived off grid for more than 30 years? Jill has lived this way and thrives. Other people come to visit to learn from her. Now here’s your chance to meet her.

Here is an excerpt from NaturalHomes where you can read more in detail.


  She’s lived off grid alone for over 30 years

This wonderful woman is Jill Redwood. Jill built her house in East Gippsland, Australia where she has lived alone for over 30 years entirely off-grid with no mains power, water, mobile reception or television.

Living on around $80 a week, Jill has over sixty animals to keep her company and an abundant garden that serves as an organic supermarket right outside her doorstep.

Generating all her own solar power and collecting water from the local creek (see video right), Jill lives a totally self-sufficient life.

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  1. Valerie Rogers said:

    God bless her. We lived off grid seven years successfully. Some told us we should write a book. I said why; we weren’t doing anything different than many do, and these ideas aren’t new. It’s how folks lived before needing all the junk and the Cuisinart.

  2. Hanna Serino said:

    We’ve been off grid since may…. We lived in tents with the kids all summer as we built…it was tough cuz im a spoiled brat… But its been worth it. Even on our worst days i wouldnt go back to my pampered life …. Ooohhh I would lovvvvve to sit and chat with her.

  3. Irene Haas said:

    there is a virus when I opened more pictures on this sight It ask you to call a number to clear your computer and you can’t just x out of it. I got it off, but be aware of the scam.

  4. Rauxom Cali said:

    What exactly do you people mean living off the grid?

    No electricity, no gas, no supermarket, no water supply, no neighbor hood around you, no hospital, no school, no internet, no gas stations, etc…

  5. William Payne said:

    Not so long ago most people lived “off grid” because there was no “grid”! This is one of those things you can dial in. Some of it or all of it.
    The object is to get away from the acerbic demands of other people!
    Apparently there are people out there where you want to go with an agenda of control too. So be careful…
    And have a good lawyer.

  6. Gina Zalar Fisher said:

    Thank you Amy! 3/4 mile in the middle of the forest. River water for water source along with rain and snow. “Rabbit ears” for local tv & Canadian tv because we are right on the border. Cell phone for internet. Closest freeway is 2 hours away. Ice box for fridge. Root cellar too. Propane and wood for heating and cooking. Hand ringer washing machine ran off a generator. If being in facebook means I’m not off grid Bill. Then why are you on an off the grid fb page in the first place. Rotfl. As my kids say “nuf said”

  7. Darin Smith said:

    Kelly is so correct! Florida restricts solar and Colorado restricts rainwater just to name two. The Feds law on food safety restricts gardens so everyone is now trapped. We sold everything and moved to Belize into a off grid community and love it. Total freedom and year around gardens. Join us here it’s beautiful and easy.

  8. Darin Smith said:

    It’s easy in places like Belize. We moved there for more freedom. Off the grid as well. If your interested I’ll share more about it

  9. Connie Bailey said:

    I lived off-grid for 22 years before the neighbors and the County Health Department made me get civilized with running water, septic system, and electricity.

  10. Angela Jo Angie said:

    I’m in Florida.’s 100% true…if it’s not your’s considered someone else’s…you will be investigated. ..and that not a good idea!!

  11. Denise Hardin said:

    Maybe she lived closely with people before and like me decided she’d had just about enough lol. And who knows…she may have a friend that visits from time to time.

  12. Wayne Hean said:

    Very interesting. I like the video. If you lesson to the audio track you can here the music. Almost the same here at our farm. Just no rooster with us. And we have the yapping of coyotes. I dig the way she has chicken wire over her garden. Keep the predictors our. Our garden is fenced. No chicken wire over it. I will implement the chicken wire covering. Great idea. We also have an orchard. We have cats to help keep the birds back. 8 of them. All fixed. To many cats are also a problem.

    We are working to get completely off the grid. We produce our own water from a well. And we store water in a 3 ac lake. We have live stock. Have a garden. Produce our own vegetables, meat, hay for the stock. We have 7 ac of old growth woods (that is our pharmacy). Once we get our solar system in we are there.

    Here is the kicker and how we are very different. We have 25 ac in the west end of Davenport, Iowa. There are housing developments 300 feet from us and a public school 1000 feet up the street. We sell organic honey and food to our neighbors. With in a few years we will be your walk to self harvest fruit and vegetable store, honey eggs, ect ….

    Welcome to Rolling View Farm.

  13. Lacey Schoeneman said:

    Me. I don’t like interacting with people in real life. I prefer to be on my own. Don’t worry, I find you’re wanting to be with someone equally strange.

  14. Loren Laird Rodrigue said:

    You don’t even know me…!!!! If you want to live on the grid with your struggling little business you go right ahead…. But no need to bad mouth the hard working people who love living their lives off the grid the way they choose to. So good luck with your sad empty life.. I’ll pray for you to not be so mean and spiteful…

  15. Mariah Kimble said:

    I’m not off the grid but closer then many. Someday I hope to bw closer but for now I have my gardens, fruit trees, chickens and honey bee’s.

  16. Bruce Somes said:

    My problem is property taxes, need an income, hence the veggie stand pigs goats and chickens. Insurance for truck upkeep fuel. Keep my bills minimal but past bills need attention.

  17. Bruce Somes said:

    The internet it in the air satellite radio you can pull it any where. Because I post doesn’t mean I am on the grid,it means not out of touch.

  18. Holly Deisenroth said:

    Guess you have to be complete hermits that make up your own language and twiddle your thumbs for fun to be off grid! Haha. Regardless if they have phones, internet, or even go bowling every Tuesday they are more self sustaining than others with the nasty remarks. My health keeps me from being able to fully go off grid. It has always been my dream though. I applaud all that are able to live that dream.

  19. Karen Stine said:

    Hats off to this self sufficient woman. I’m sure she did all this by trial and error. Now, I imagine, since she mastered it ,she is estactic with the life style she chose for herself. I commend you.

  20. Darin Smith said:

    We escaped to Belize. You are actually free here. It’s English speaking and unpopulated and unpolluted. We love it. We have about 30 families now and room for 10 more. Message me and I’ll try to share more with any of you who may want out as well.

  21. Jerry Lindenburger said:

    Dang, want to read the article…but your website is, as always sooo slow from all the advertising, that, there isn’t a chance I’ll click on. Here’s a novel idea…make the ‘next page’ link load first, and become clickable before the averts. Or just dump about half…

  22. Jerry Lindenburger said:

    All it means is you make your own electricity…in other words off the power grid. You could still enjoy the comforts of those on the grid. It would be normal to have your own well, and septic system as most off griders are out in the country. My definition anyways…

  23. Rauxom Cali said:

    Thank you Jerry Lindenburger to help me understanding the meaning of living off the grid. Would your property be legit and Do you also have to pay the Property tax every year?

  24. Karen Munoz said:

    I know a woman that lives much like this. She raises lambs in spring and peacocks. Does barter with the locals. Amazing!!

  25. Lara Harris said:

    my husband and I have decided they’re going to make something to help clean the air (maybe like one in some state) and then they will start charging for the air we breath :(

  26. Cris Cansdale Sr KT said:

    My nx project
    Cargo containor made into a small home, off grid, no taxes, cuz it can be moved, wood stove, generater electric , compost toilet, oh the peace,

  27. Debi Hodges-Harris said:

    Bill Herleman…originally there was no internet or Facebook. Originally everything was “off grid”. Being “off grid” means being self sufficient and providing for ones self. While calling names at others, you have shown yourself for what you claim others are.

  28. Clifton Bowers said:

    Very similar to our farm we had co op power had stock in it and was free could run A/C for up to four hours per day ..and lights and refrigerators …if AC went for six hour then we had electric bill…power was off of damn

  29. Mike Soma said:

    Kathleen Hamlet It’s illegal to live in a home without utilities and is illegal to collect rain water in california

  30. Tracy Woleslagle said:

    Rauxom Cali yes you still have to pay taxes.. we dont pay gas bills to heat our homes or electric off of our land and the animals we raise…

  31. Tracy Woleslagle said:

    I dont like the Drama that comes with people….i like life quiet….thats what i get in the middle of the woods. And lets face it most people and i say most not all would screw over their own mother .. just sayin

  32. Debi Hodges-Harris said:

    While calling names at others, YOU have shown yourself for what you claim others are.
    Sorry your life is so miserable that you need to insult and disrespect others who did nothing to you Bill Herleman. God bless you.

  33. Cindy Burnett said:

    I live in a state that currently allows you to do the off grid thing, I am trying to get onto the property I bought, one step at a time but so many of these ideas are so awesome but so scary at the same time. I am really thinking I need to read more about this

  34. Cris Cansdale Sr KT said:

    The cabin I posted above is mine
    I’m off grid with generator electric an have power for FB, INTERNET wood fire cheap taxes 900 a year, am own well, I sit on my porch an listen to asses that$#%&!@*cuz they have problems an I don’t cuz my Bills are cheeper by 70% , thats living off grid, cheeper livin, u don’t no what ur doing cuz u have to menu problems, not me I’m debt free

  35. Mitch Seveer said:

    Sewage: Why do we still$#%&!@*in our drinking water, flush it down a pipe with 3 gal. And think this is clean and smart? Why cant we become more civilized?

  36. Amanda Copeland said:

    Rose Derifield Robinson because $$$. If you’re providing for yourself off grid, they aren’t making money from you. They want you to be dependent on them.

  37. Melinda Sue Sappington said:

    I am envious of her strength. It is obvious to make it work totally is to start it when you are young enough to work the hard work and live there as a elder. Awesome lady.

  38. Melinda Sue Sappington said:

    It is true. Last year in the state of Florida, the state took a woman;s home from her and tore it done because she refused to hook up to electric. When are ppl going to stand up for the ability to be off grid?

  39. Jerrie Hill said:

    It is illegal to live in a residence smaller than 700 square ft in Wakulla county Florida and you must be hooked up to power. Can’t even stay in your RV on your own property while constructing or remodeling your home.

  40. Beverly Overton said:

    Out of curiosity, those that are off grid do still pay for Internet service right? Is there a way to get it without a provider? Also I think Internet access is extremely helpful regardless if your on the grid or off. Even if you were a hermit and went to town every so often there are Internet cafes and libraries to use it.

  41. Anna L. Walls said:

    I’ve been living that life since the fall of ’89. I raised my two boys out here since they were 6 and 9. Now it’s just me and my husband.

  42. Mitch Seveer said:

    Your just a small person Bill who is afraid to post his own picture then says ignorant things proving to all how that hunk of meat and bone on your shoulders is rotting.

  43. Mitch Seveer said:

    Beverly Overton Im full time RV and off the grid most time. Check this site out on Facebook. “Internet for RVers” they will have many ideas for you.

  44. Rauxom Cali said:

    what kind of energy power you are using? Solar Power, Nature Gas power, Generator running using Diesel oil, or gas. or simply using burning wood to heat up your house.? and Candles or Oil lamps for you light?

  45. Mitch Seveer said:

    Bill a tent is a type of shelter. Has nothing to do with the grid. Google ” What does off the grid mean”.. You can run electrical from a utility pole to a tent for a laser light show with a disco ball and don’t forget the fog machine. Your terminology for “GRID” is FUBAR.

  46. Rodgers Sharon said:

    My kind of lifestyle. I try to as much as I can. But I wouldn’t mind having a place and living completely off the land. I would go wind power or solar.

  47. Holly Deisenroth said:

    Kind of. But even the Amish in my community are now more civilized than they used to be. They have phone and electricity in their barn. They also have washers, stoves, and refrigerator’s as long as they are ran off natural gas. They may have anything else that runs off electricity as well but not on their property. They have had their deep freezer in my garage for almost 4 years. They get neighbors to drive them places too if it’s any distance and they also go to the grocery store for things as well. Times have changed but they are sweet and helpful people. I love giving their kids a couple pieces of candy when they all stomp up the road in a big line to get food out of the freezer. There are only 3 that speak English right now. They only learn English once they start school. The candy makes their faces light up and the older 3 knock the little ones around until they say what I assume is thank you. Its so sweet!

  48. Loren Laird Rodrigue said:

    Poor Bill, only has 62 FB friends, Bill has shared no photos of himself. Bills business is struggling. The answer to why is self explanatory… Bill is living more off the grid than most of us because Bill has no life…
    Don’t be like Bill.

  49. Michelle McLeod said:

    In Maryland they just reversed the rain tax that was on people who collected rain water. I don’t think they allow rain water collection in the entire state, though.

  50. Gary Van De Griek said:

    I think I really feel once this Sanders fellow is in office he’ll really listen to the off the grid folks like us we don’t want much we just want to live off the land and be one with our family and nature

  51. Candy Stutzke Johnson said:

    Gary Van De Griek Absolutely! Sanders is the man to give America back to the Americans. People should be able to live of the grid. It’s a constitional right to pursue your own path to happiness. I don’t need cable…electricity. I just need my animals, my family and love.

  52. Rayeann Ray Helms said:

    Heck, my grandma didn’t have running water in her house, she had 4 rooms and a path. I loved it there and if ever given the chance, I will build a small house just like hers.

  53. Elizabeth Wilson said:

    My mother lived off the grid for 20 years then she got lung cancer and didn’t want hospice, she wanted to die in her home so I made it happen for her. It wasn’t easy taking care of someone dying from cancer with no running water or electricity. She feed her animals until 2 weeks before she passed because it was what she loved.

  54. Steve Lent said:

    Rayeann sorry to say but yes there are certain restrictions in most states as to what kind of food you can grow and how much. i used to live in south florida and they say you can’t collect rain water or grow certain foods because then you are taking away from the farmers who count on certain food for their lively hood .

  55. Steve Lent said:

    it’s pretty sad one still has the thumb of government holding you down so one can’t become self reliant , and when one does they have to do it underhanded so as not to be caught.

  56. Paula Simmons said:

    Like this story. It’s about being self sufficient. Not about if you have power to have facebook. I’m like if you create it use it how you see fit to keep in contact with loved ones . :) have fun go dig in the dirt.