The best states to live the freest and the worst

There are some states to live where you have more personal freedom than others; it is probably inversely related to the number of legislators and politicians living there and setting up shop.

It has a lot to do with many and high taxes and other constraints on civilians that some states are the worst; whether you can carry a firearm, and the regulations of homeschooling.

Here, states are ranked across the country in what are considered the freest, less-hassled ones to live in and high priority on personal freedom. Some of these states are appealing, some are not.

Where does your state rank in the Land Of The Free…

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  1. Demosthenes Daniel said:

    I am surprised MA is not in there. But freedom with regards to owning guns and paying taxes. I know people who owns guns here. There are gun laws but nothing in taking guns away. We pay our taxes here and get services and our education system is one of the top in the nation, Stephen J Fleming.