The crossbow for protection and using around the house

Part gun, part bow, the crossbow is mounted on a stock and it shoots bolts. Unlike a bow where the archer needs to keep the string drawn, the crossbow string is held in place and a trigger is used to release the bolt.

The pull of the crossbow can range from 80 to 200 lbs. in weight. The weight of the pull is dependent on individual strength and intended use.

There are some convincing reasons to own and use a crossbow. Let’s check them out.

The crossbow for protection and around the house…

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  1. Pete Guillory said:

    I don’t think a crossbow would be an effective weapon for defense….it’s basically a single shot. If I was going to rely on one shot for defense it would be no smaller than a .45-70

  2. John Long said:

    When the idiot author starts off by calling a crossbow “Part gun, part bow…” no intelligent reader needs to read further. Part gun?!?.

  3. Curtis Synard said:

    I uses a bow, draw back 40lbs ie gun in face bow draw back in there face ya pull the trigger see what happens, makes ya think twice about pulling that trigger