The easiest way to get rid of a tree stump

First, when you fell a tree you don’t want to make your cut 4 to 5 feet up off the ground. Whenever I’ve felled trees we’d make our cuts as close to the ground as possible, leaving a small stump. Because if you want to remove the stump you’ll have less wood to remove.

But to remove the stump there are a number of ways to do this. Some are hard work, some easier. I’m all for easier if it gets the job done.

Here are some methods of removing stumps…

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  1. Scott Dean said:

    Ok I read the whole article. The best way is to drill a very deep hole in the center stick in some dynamite or a tube filled with gun powder. Add a long fuse, light. And run like hell.

  2. Scott Dean said:

    Cut the tree off very high. Get a chainsaw artist Out there to carve the stump into a sculpture. There It’s a YouTube video of this. It’s very cool

  3. Scott Dean said:

    Fire drys out the ground. When I was a kid we burnt some stumps out. Days later after the fire had been out for days we came home to the woods on fire between our house and the neighbors. The shrubs next tip their house burnt up and the paint on their house burnt. And this was in a swamp next to a lake. Very wet ground.

  4. Tricia Winarski said:

    An old man in my hometown was killed in the early 70’s, I think it was, using stick dynamite to remove a huge stump from a field.