These people forced off the land in Colorado


Homesteaders wanting to live in a community in Colorado have been forced to leave the land they purchased. Zoning laws have forced people to leave against their will.

The county says its zoning laws are reasonable, the arriving Homesteaders don’t think they are. The conflict has continued for many years and has accumulated a number of followers of the story.

The county has dropped it’s planned zoning changes under increased public scrutiny but they have modified current camping permits to be allowed only after an adequate septic tank with leach field has been installed. The camping permit is considered to be temporary for the period during construction.

These people forced off the land in Colorado…

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  1. Matthew Riley Macon said:

    This makes me so mad. The Constitution doesn’t give ANY land ownership powers to any level of government except for D.C. They have no true legal right to make any one move.

  2. Rickey Sheppard said:

    This is exactly why I’m still blown away that the residents of Colorado voted 70% Democrat, it’s sad that they sit back and allow themselves to be brainwashed.

  3. Matthew Riley Macon said:

    Most of those people live in the counties that constitute the Denver area. Not near enough of the populace outside of Denver to out vote what the liberal city dwellers want.

  4. John Keenum said:

    I like the fortitude of the young man in the video and his last statement. “Nobody is going to run me off my property. Not on my watch bro.”

  5. Joe Camo said:

    And the thing is, even though ths is clearly illegal communist terrorism at the hands of the local municipal politburo, the communists teach and parent 98% of the voters in a government public school monopoly for thirteen of their first eighteen years of life, so of course the people are going to vote for enslavement to communism, it’s all they know.

  6. Meranda Brown said:

    There use to be a time when the government would pay you to homestead, now it’s against the law! If you own the land and pay your taxes nobody should be able to tell you what you can and cannot do on that land!