What to do if lost in the woods

What to do if lost in the woods

You never want to get lost in the woods. You plan for it but you never plan it to happen. The best thing to do is prepare yourself for a just-in-case situation in which you are lost.

I was out in the far wilderness bowhunting with an expert hunting partner who had and used topographical maps and compass and he just had the ability to always know where we were. He left his GPS in the truck because “they need batteries, and sometimes they spin you the wrong way.”

I got to thinking; if something happened to him, could I make it back to civilization?

What to do if lost in the woods…

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  1. Doug Revord said:

    you pull out a deck of cards and play a game of solitaire, sooner or later there will be someone behind ya telling you where to put your next card,

  2. Will Morse said:

    Fire is always the answer.It can keep you warm,boil water, it will ward off preditors and if you start one big enough help will find you!