Why the butterfly knife should be in your collection


The butterfly knife is anything like a cute little critter. There is a sub-culture around the knife because of some of its uses. It is compact, does not need a case, and can deploy quickly with one hand. There is an entire martial arts discipline that trains and studies the self-defence possibilities of the butterfly knife.

The butterfly knife has been around for many years; you may not have heard about it. Now it may be time to add one to your arsenal and even use as an EDC.

Why the butterfly knife should be in your collection…

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  1. Jerrold Henry said:

    Don’t be too quick to discount that knife.
    Seen a little Philipino chick make a Marine look like Swiss cheese.
    Didn’t kill,but with all the cuts and blood ,you’d a thought the little bmf was slaughtering a hog.

  2. Shaofu Chang said:

    Had one, never failed to stab myself with it, when it’s razor sharp the cut is painless till minutes after… By then blood is everywhere. It stayed happily in my collection until it walked away one day apparently bored of O positive. I bought a traditional folder and have not given blood since. Lovely knife